How to set up your AC1900 Router in Access Point Mode?

An Access Point Mode is one of the wireless modes that is usually utilized to create a wireless network in an area or a large building within which you want to transfer the network. In this mode, the device which is set in an Access Point Mode acts as the network station from which the signals are being transferred to all the other devices within which signals have to be transferred. The user can connect this point to the router via Ethernet Cable or through the wireless connections. You only can utilize this network after setting it up on your router through its web management interface of The main usage of this type of network is that the user can extend his coverage area network and also maximize the numbers of users using the connected network. The user can set up his Linksys Router in Access Point Mode through the web interface of 

Steps to set up your Router in Access Point Mode

  • Open a browser from the home screen of your desktop and type  on the address bar of the browser. The user can also type the LAN IP address on the address bar of the browser.
  • Linksys Smart Wi-Fi page appears on the screen.
  • Type admin in the username tab and mention the password you mentioned earlier while logging in to the Linksys Router login window.
  • As soon as you mention the credentials click on the login button and the home screen of appears on the screen.
  • Go to Wireless tab then click on the Wizard sub-tab.To Enable Access Point mode, select the Access Point radio button then click on the Change button.
  • Now, connect an Ethernet Cable from your Linksys Router to the router. Click on the Change button.
  • Your Linksys Router will now automatically get reboot to apply all the settings. Now reconnect to your device when prompted.
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How to find the MAC address of your AC1900 Router?

The MAC address of a router is a permanent IP address that is linked with your device to share the same network with the multiple machines. Instead of giving different IP addresses to different machines, the main router is provided with its unique address that is like a serial number and called a MAC address. This address can be changed through the web interface of or can be viewed with the help of the same web interface of Linksys smart Wi-fi. The user can also perform both processes through the Linksys Tether app that is operable in Android as well as IOS versions.

Steps to locate the MAC address of your AC1900 Router 

  1. Steps to find the MAC address for your Linksys Router
  2. Login to the Linksys router through the web interface of the
  3. device. To do that, first, open a browser on your Router.
  4. Type as the URL of the browser to get to the default
  5. gateway of the router. If the user encounters an error while connected to the
  6. web menu through then he also can reach through the LAN
  7. The IP address of the device.
  8. Mention the credentials on their respective fields with the correct specifics. Type
  9. “admin” on the username tab as the default username and enter the password
  10. that you assigned as a login password for your device. Make note that both the
  11. credentials will be case-sensitive.
  12. Click on the login button and you will be redirected to the home screen of
  14. Go to Status tab click on WLAN statistics and focus on Seen by Upstream AP
  15. field. It will be the MAC address of your device. You can note it down and save it
  16. somewhere safe.
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How to update the firmware of your Router?

Firmware Update is efficient to maintain the working level of your device as this

software is a major component that controls the functionality of your Linksys AC1900 router. It should be updated regularly to allow your device to showcase its performance up to its utmost level.

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router setup is a service that allows users to configure and keep track of their devices by accessing them from anywhere around the world. The user who wants to take full advantage of its enhanced skills would have to update their device.

Steps to update the firmware of your Router

  1. Visit the support page of your linksys smart wifi router to download the firmware of your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi.
  2. Go to the Firmware section click on the Download software tab. The window will notify you about the latest update.
  3. Click on the hardware version of your device, select the firmware for it and click on the Download tab.
  4. Extract the file you download and place it somewhere safe from where you easily can fetch it.
  5. Now, visit the browser and type on the address bar of the browser.
  6. Linksys Router login page appears on the screen.
  7. Mention the credentials within their respective fields. Click on the login button and the home screen of appears on the screen.
  8. Go to the Administration tab, click on the Firmware Upgrade tab.
  9. To upload the firmware you downloaded, select the Manual Upgrade tab then Click on the Browse button.
  10. Locate and select the file you downloaded and click on an open tab.
  11. Click on the Start Upgrade tab. As soon as you click on it the update process will start on your system.
  12. A warning dialogue box will appear on your screen notifying you that the upgrade must not be interrupted.
  13. After the update process, the Linksys router will automatically restart

How to backup and restore the configuration file in AC1900 Router?

The backup and restore process of Linksys Router plays a vibrant role in maintaining the functionality level of the router. After the Linksys Router setup process, if the user is satisfied with the performance level of his device, he can create a backup of configuration file so that if in any case, the device loses its configuration settings, he can easily restore it in the device. Users mostly perform this method during the reset process in which all settings within the router changes to default one. To get back the same settings, the user first has to back up the configuration settings before the reset process then after restoring default settings into the router, he has to restore those configuration files into the web interface of This process also plays a huge role in saving the time of the users as if the user already creates a backup of the configuration then after the reset process he doesn’t have to waste his time on setting up the configuration file again.

Steps to a backup file in Router

  1. Before backing up the file, the user should make sure that he chooses the optimal location so that while restoring the configuration file you don’t have to face any hassle while finding the location where your file is going to be restored.
  2. Type or on the address bar of the browser.
  3. Linksys Router login page appears on the screen.
  4. Mention “admin” on the username tab and type the password you mentioned earlier while logging in to the web interface of
  5. Click on the login button.
  6. Go to the router setting tab, click on the troubleshooting option.
  7. Click on the Diagnostics tab, then under router configuration click on Back up the tab.
  8. A new window will be prompted to save the configuration file. Click on the save tab on the file download window and select a location to save the configuration field then click on the Save button.

Steps to restore the configuration file in Router

  1. Open a web browser on your desktop connected to the home network.
  2. Type as the URL of the browser. Type on the address bar of the browser if the user encounters any connection error.
  3. Linksys Router login page appears on the screen. Access your Linksys account by mentioning the credentials.
  4. Go to the router settings tab, and then click on the Troubleshooting tab. Click on the Diagnostics tab.
  5. Under the Router configuration tab click on the Restore tab. Click on Start to restore tab to begin the restoration process.
  6. The dialogue box appears on the screen, click on the yes button.
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How to reset your AC1900 Router.

The reset process of your Linksys AC1900 Router is utilized to restore the default settings of your device that will eventually erase all the configuration settings and all the networking settings from the router. If the above process of backing up the files got fails the users are constrained to perform the reset process after which they again have to perform the configuration process of their 

Steps to perform the reset process in your AC1900 Router

  1. Look for a pointed needle or a pen that will help you to press the button.
  2. Now turn back your router and find the reset button that will probably be beside the LAN button of your device.
  3. Insert the clip, pen, needle or whichever tool you are using to perform the manual reset process.
  4. Press it and hold it for about 10 seconds until the LED’s in front of your router gets turned on after blinking.
  5. The device will automatically get turned on with the new customization and new memory in it.